2012 Bands

Artesian Rumble | Olympia


Local horn players and drummers formed Olympia’s Artesian Rumble to promote peace, raise political awareness, and support positive social action with music. The band strives to bring joyful sounds to community events, playing streets and public places as part of rallies and other worthy causes. We play a variety of jazz standards and atypical covers reflecting the broad diversity of our members. Styles covered include samba, rock, Balkan, New Orleans, gospel, reggae, and pop. Our open and collective group operates by shared rule and through critical mass. Artesian Rumble’s purpose is to increase momentum of positive events while paying tribute to artists and the cultural expression created by music.



Brass Messengers | Minneapolis, MN


The Brass Messengers of Minneapolis, MN, formed from the annual rubble of of the Heart of the Beast Mayday Parade and Ceremony in Minneapolis. Each year, the parade came and went, puppets packed, park cleaned, summer began and the founding members of the BMers left feeling like our work was unfinished, year after year. Having compiled more than a decade worth of mobile brass scores for ourselves, we took to making it an ongoing affair. We started as a street band playing the music of the Caribbean and Balkans, but now play anywhere from the small stages of local bars, throwing in a country song to the crying drinkers, to Northeast Minneapolis, where a high speed polka or two is essential, to parties for kids, where we get to run in circles with many small children (that is the brass band dance for the under 6 crowd), to gatherings of our activist kin, where a fiery Bella Ciao prepares us for the mean world out there, to heavy metal for the Black Sabbath crowd, and our own originals that we try to play in tune on the big stages. Our music of choice is anything that fits in the twisted brass tubing, from originals to “covers” from around the globe, as long as it makes a joyful noise.

The Brass Messengers have played all along Lake Street in Minneapolis, in Powderhorn Park, on 13th Street NE, Cross Lake, Minnesota, Hammond, Wisconsin, etc…. We have also played the stages of the Fiztgerald Theater in St. Paul, First Avenue, Cedar Cultural Center, Minnesota State Fair, Walker Art Center and often join in with our pals Simone Perrin, Kevin Kling and Dan Chouinard for grand story telling affairs. Twice we have been a part of HONK! in Somerville, MA, played in the dark at PRONK! and crammed into the ever so hip Barbes of Brooklyn.



Bucharest Drinking Team | Seattle


The Bucharest Drinking Team isn’t just a professional comptetitive liquor disposal club. It’s also an ensemble of fine musicians, with high-proof, anise-scented dance tunes specially distilled for your Eastern Bloc party. The first-string vocal squad is backed by a traditional Romanian taraf midfield team and an impenetrable brass defense line. From its eastern-European home field, the team’s musical repertory also travels to exhibition tunes from other drinking leagues in Europe and North America.



Church | Santa Rosa, CA

Church is a newly formed 12-piece Sonoma County Street Band. They play everything from Ratatat’s ‘Loud Pipes’ to Russian folk songs. They practice hard, perform harder, and create a redonc party everywhere they go.


Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band | Somerville, MA


Formed from the most talented deadbeats and drifters that could be rounded up, this group of raucous and rambunctious musicians will honk, wail, blow, beat, bounce, scream and serenade their way into your hearts.

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band combines the rich musical history of the circus and the vagabond peoples of Europe with the raw energy of avant-garde jazz and the irreverence and fun of today’s Vaudeville for a sound that is somehow familiar yet like no other.



Environmental Encroachment | Chicago


Chicago performance art group Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses circus theatrics and an artist marching band to create unique entertainment environments. Performances can include costumes, live music, parades, acrobatics, fire spinning, spontaneous appearances and audience interaction.

EE Marching Band’s music uses North African, Latin, and traditional American rhythms, fused with electric bass and a brass section. Melodies are folkloric fusions, and creations inspired from New Orleans, Jazz and Rock.

EE encourages participation, dance, and freeing the spirit.



Garfield High School Bulldog Drumline | Seattle


Recognizing Seattle’s diverse history, Garfield educates all students as they build confidence, become active citizens and achieve academic excellence. To accomplish this goal, Garfield commits itself to involving school personnel, community members, students, and their families as partners in an ongoing process of eduational improvement. We construct an environment of excellence and ethical growth for all. Students, faculty and staff continuously work to learn and grow. As part of that, they have an amazingly talented drumline that might well melt your face.



Hubbub Club | Graton, CA


An ensemble of 20+ musicians and dancers who make music together in a funky, fun fashion to promote, uplift, and support our local communities. We play a wide range of music, drawing on the traditions of brass bands, street bands, and popular music from around the world. You can see us at a variety of community events, including benefits concerts, rallies, protests, and gigs at local venues. Our diverse, mixed-level, multi-generational group is committed to a non-hierarchical, democratic process. We believe that music is a powerful tool for social change, and we strive to help heal the earth and her people in all aspects of our work.



LoveBomb Go-Go | Portland, OR




Mighty Tiny Band | Seattle, WA

Handy little Seattle street band. We also like playing indoors!
Jazz, blues, pop, mexican, klezmer,honk. For weddings, funerals, demonstrations, birthdays, bashes of all kinds.


Movitas Marching Band | Seattle

With an emphasis on having fun, Movitas is a radical street band that encourages and supports each member in learning, growing, and developing into our full creative selves, actively welcoming folks of different musical backgrounds and abilities to join.

Movitas celebrates egalitarianism: as a collective where everyone actively contributes to the group; and by developing and maintaining power-sharing amongst the entire collective.

The Movitas band strives to be a welcoming, accessible musical community and a safer space for people of all ages, genders, racial identities, class backgrounds, and abilities. We don’t tolerate racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ageist, classist, ablist, or other oppressive behaviors.

We strive to have healthy relationships and hold ourselves accountable to each other and the wider community. The Movitas Band exists to: have fun, reclaim public space and the streets for music, provide musical support for political actions, and be a creative outlet for members, actively nurturing members’ creativity!


One Love | Seattle

This street band of horns & percussion specializes in music of planet Earth.  Music for healing and communion. We’ll play anytime, any place for justice and freedom for all!


Orkestar Zirkonium | Seattle


In Seattle, amid the waterlogged remnants of squandered old-growth forests, broken-down breweries, industrial warehouses, and labor union halls, a mobile fourteen-piece brass-punk band borrows performative style and Balkan/klezmer-influenced sounds from the greats of the Roma tradition, plunging into crowds and galvanizing joyous derangement in every time signature.

Orkestar Zirkonium’s ten horn players and four percussionists hail from projects including the noir troupes Circus Contraption and Cirque de Flambe, the punk marching units Infernal Noise Brigade and the Anti-Fascist Marching Band, and the experimental jazz outfits Reptet and Empty Cage Quartet. Since its founding in 2003, the group has accumulated players, fine-tuned its scrappy attack, and performed in art-deco theatres, grimy clubs, daylit parks, condemned buildings, busy midnight intersections, and surprised taverns, coffeehouses, and commercial spaces. The band’s on- and offstage perambulations invite onlookers into a participatory role and recalibrate the relationship between performer and audience; its celebratory sounds inspire street parties, traditional Eastern European line dances, and the ecstatic abandonment of reason.



The Orphan Band | Global

Drawing members and HONK! enthusiasts from around the globe and here in town, The Orphan Band will form, rehearse, play its first-ever sets, and disband, all during the frenetic musical mayhem that is HONK! Fest West. The planned repertoire includes second-line favorites, HONK! anthems and a few funky surprises sure to keep us all on our toes. Instrumentation will incude brass, drums, and possibly a megaphone – renegading performances are highly likely!


Samba Ja | Eugene


Samba Já is Eugene’s own bateria – a thirty-member mobile percussion ensemble. They specialize in playing wild, funky, infectious, and incredibly danceable street music from all over Brazil and the Americas, from the sounds of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro to original adaptations of old-school hip hop. Diverse, playful, and innovative, Samba Já recently celebrated its ninth birthday.

Around the world and all walks of life, Samba Já has performed at venues such as the Sam Bond’s Garage, The Hult Center, HONK!Fest West, NorthWest Folklife Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Eugene Celebration, Eugene First Night, Saturday Market, Wildish Community Theater in Springfield, the WOW Hall, McDonald Theater, Reser Stadium, Cozmic Pizza and enthusiastically received elementary school concerts. Come dance along in the parade with Samba Já!



Scrambled Ape | Eugene, OR


Scrambled Ape plays Ottoman Cartoon Jazz – music by the late composer Raymond Scott, modern jazz standards, New Orleans brass band music, Eastern European music, early 20th Century hokum shouters, German cabaret music, and original compositions.

Scrambled Ape is Michael Roderick on coronet and euphonium, Kee Zublin on tenor sax, Kelly Leguizamon on baritone sax, Richard Johnson on clarinet and alto sax, Bud Chase on Tuba, and James West on drums. All are accomplished musicians who embrace the weirdness of Ottoman Cartoon Jazz and its power to transport, amuse, and edify without the baggage and pretensions of three dimensional occidental jazz.

Scrambled Ape has shared bills with Sex Mob, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the Rebirth Brass Band, and the Living Daylights, The Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet, and the Eugene Emeralds baseball team. They play at Eugene’s Sam Bond’s Tavern on the third Monday of every month. Scrambled Ape also performs original scores for Buster Keaton films and select Betty Boop cartoons.



Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline | Seattle


Not your typical drumline, Blue Thunder uses a variety of rhythms and visuals, incorporating rock and roll drumming alongside drum corps style, endearing them to Seahawks fans of all ages. Launched in the summer of 2004, Blue Thunder became the largest NFL drumline and only performance group fully supported by a franchise.

Blue Thunder is comprised of 35 local musicians, ages 21-55 with experience ranging from 2 to over 40 years in the industry. Members have a wide variety of musical backgrounds including marching bands, drum corps and rock bands. Blue Thunder is a part-time job employing professionals from many different occupations including: teachers, bartenders, police officers, and contractors to name a few. All music and choreography is original or arranged and written by members of Blue Thunder.



Seattle Sounders FC Soundwave Band | Seattle


From the city which spawned grunge music and the sounds of Quincy Jones to Jimi Hendrix, comes the Sounders FC Sound Wave. Sound Wave is the official band of the Seattle Sounders FC and is the brainchild of Sounders FC minority owner Drew Carey. The 53-person ensemble is made up of traditional marching percussion and brass instruments, bringing the Sounders FC passion to life. The Sound Wave plays custom arrangements from all types of music including Latin, funk, big band, pop and rock.


Ten Man Brass Band | Seattle WA

Inspired by the unconventional music of the Youngblood Brass Band, a group of high school friends formed the Ten Man Brass Band in the summer of 2011. The members winter over in other bands, but return and reunite for the Seattle summer. Ten Man’s genres include riot jazz, acoustic multi-phonics, and street brass. Their sets consist of covers of brass specific songs, arrangements of popular music, and original charts. You can hear them at Folklife Festival, Honkfest, Bite of Seattle, and Bumbershoot. Whether it’s a gig at an elementary school or busking at the Capitol Hill Block Party, they love to play and share the power of brass.


The Carnival Band | Vancouver, B.C.


Thirty piece, full tilt boogie, brass band explosion from East Vancouver plays funk, calypso, samba, and world-beat for you to cut a rug to! We bring pure love and a lively atmosphere whether we’re playing Vancouver’s Folk Festival or a small political rally in support of indigenous rights, peace or the Poverty Olympics. The best part is that we encourage anyone at any level of musical experience to participate. Under the musical direction and “spiritual leadership” of Ross Raymond Barrett and Tim Sars, we maintain that community music is grounded in love and collaboration, with the aim of empowering the individuals involved. Songs and performances are a means to creative expression and community cohesiveness, rather than an end in themselves.



Titanium Sporkestra | Seattle


Titanium Sporkestra has been lurking on the outskirts of Seattle’s music and performance art scene for 5 years. In that time we have won the 2010 Marching Band Battle of the Bands at Burning Man. Won the Seattle Tomato Battle of the Bands. Toured to San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Providence, New York and more. In 2012, Titanium Sporkestra is ratcheting up their game with a return to Texas next month, New York in our sights, and Europe waiting in the wings…the years of lurking in the shadows are over. Give it up, for Titanium Sporkestra!



Tubaluba | Seattle


In a little more than a year, Tubaluba has made quite a name for itself while bringing the New Orleans Brass Band tradition to the streets and clubs of Seattle. Whether its leading second line parades at the Fremont Solstice Parade, U District Street Fair, Ballard SeaFoodfest, the West Seattle Street Fair, Fremont Lovefest, and Fremont’s Oktoberfest or tearing the roof off of local clubs like the Tractor Tavern, the Nectar Lounge, and the Croc, Tubaluba is just the grease you need to keep it movin’ all night long. Tubaluba brings vocals, piano, drums, and a mess of horns to the party, serving up New Orleans classics with second line-ified R&B tunes and booty shakin’ originals. Funk yeah!



VamoLá | Seattle


Through lively processions, parades, and stage performances, VamoLá brings to life the celebratory spirit of Brazilian carnival! While the emphasis is on samba—“the essence of the Brazilian musical soul”—VamoLá offers a rich array of other Brazilian music and dance styles as well, from the radical, hip-hop rhythms of samba-reggae to the elegant, powerful rhythms of maracatu. This exuberant drum and dance ensemble envelops the audience in driving rhythms, inviting the audience to join in and delighting viewers of all ages.