Welcome Press & Media, we’re happy to have you here! Our 2016 Press Kit may be downloaded by clicking the link.

For use of Honk! Fest West logos and additional press kit materials, please contact Megan Collier at art@honkfestwest.org.

Our full color prospectus is available for download here: 2016 Honk! Fest West Prospectus.

If you’re a business owner, restaurateur, or are otherwise interested in being an in-kind or financial donor, please contact Michael Antares at info@honkfestwest.org.

Check our handbill flyers and 2016 poster for HONK! Fest West, featuring art by local muralist, Ryan Henry Ward, or “Henry“:

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2016 Fundraising Event Media:

Church of HONK Church of HONK!
Contact us if you want to know more about us.        Many thanks to all our sponsors!