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HONK! Fest West is pleased to welcome the following bands to Seattle, this June 18-21st in Seattle, WA. Once again we will be joining forces with the Fremont Solstice Parade, adding a fun, musical aspect to this annual event that marks the beginning of Summer.

Following the Fremont Solstice Parade, HONK! bands will serenade you in Gasworks Park until the sun goes down.

Special events this year include Bloco Pacifico, a Samba drum and dance ensemble made up of members of many local, regional, and West Coast samba players. Also, our annual Friday night drum battle has tripled in size this year with Garfield, Roosevelt, Emerald City BOOM Drumline, Blue Thunder, and Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers.

HONK! Fest West is FREE, ALL AGES, and FAMILY FRIENDLY for most events and all donations go towards this non-profit, volunteer run festival.


HONK! Fest West is pleased to present:


New Creations Brass Band – New Orleans, LA

Junkadelic Brass Band – Perth, Western Australia

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band – Somerville, MA

SambAmore – Arcata, CA

Lovebomb Go-Go – Portland, OR

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps – Seattle, WA

Environmental Encroachment – Chicago, IL

Brass Band Mission – San Francisco, CA

Yes Ma’am Brass Band – Austin, TX

Garfield High School Bulldog Drumline* – Seattle, WA

Brass Messengers – Minneapolis, MN

Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers* – Portland, OR

Gora Gora Orkestar – Boulder, CO

D20 Brass Band – Seattle, WA

Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline* – Seattle, WA

Buckshot Brass Band – Tacoma, WA

Bucharest Drinking Team – Seattle, WA

Vamolá – Seattle, WA

Bridgetown Brass – Portland, OR

Extraordinary Rendition Band – Providence, RI

Ten Man Brass Band – Seattle, WA

Roosevelt High School Drumline* – Seattle, WA

The m9 – Seattle, WA

Sound Wave Sounders FC Band – Seattle, WA

Emerald City BOOM Drumline* – Seattle, WA

Black Sheep Brass Band – Sonoma, CA

Artesian Rumble – Olympia, WA

Hubbub Club – Graton, CA

One Love – Seattle, WA

Passion Bucket – Fresno, CA

The Dixie Giants – Santa Rosa, CA

Samba Energencia – Vancouver, B.C.

The Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra – NW

The Carnival Band – Vancouver, B.C.


*Featured in our Friday Night Drumline Battle



Here is what the press has to say…


“The Stranger Suggests: HONK! Fest West

The Stranger – Paul Constant

You can keep your manicured summer music festivals with their huge acts—what I want is noisy chaos. Marching bands from around the country descend onto the streets and clubs around the intersection of 12th and Vale in Georgetown to blast their horns, punish their giant drums, and give hundreds of drunken revelers their marching orders. Street food abounds as all the usual food trucks set up shop, hoping to catch Honkers as they wander from sight to sight and beat to beat. It’s a total fucking loud mess of a party, and it is glorious.”


“HONK! Fest West marches into Seattle, with free fun

Seattle Times – Michael Upchurch

Not since the psychedelic heyday of 1960s San Francisco, with its Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service, have bands with a certain countercultural kinship come up with such enticing, evocative names for themselves.

The difference is that, rather than brandishing amplified guitars, these folks are all exuberantly drum-and-brass-centric. They’ll be putting that exuberance on display at “HONK! Fest West,” a three-day, mostly free, indoor-outdoor festival happening this weekend…”




Festival Schedule:

Thursday 6/18 – Revenge of the Band Nerds benefit for traveling bands @ Nectar Lounge

Friday 6/19 – Georgetown Takeover and Friday Night Drum Battle

Saturday 6/20 – Fremont Solstice Parade and music in Gasworks park

Sunday 6/21 – All Band Revue (location tba)


After the weekend is over, various bands will be heading north to Whidbey Island, for the 1st annual Brass Band Picnic at the Greenbank Farm. Greenbank Farm is a community-founded nonprofit organization which manages 151 acres of publicly owned space and a historic farm, located at the center of Whidbey Island.


We are also happy to announce that “HONK! Fest West Coast” is finally happening, featuring New Creations Brass Band, Junkadelic Brass Band, and SambAmore. These three bands are sprinting down the west coast playing a show a night (at least), until they reach the Bay Area for a final weekend of brass band fun. Stay tuned for a full tour schedule soon!



**All media and appearance requests should be directed to David Stern –**

For all the information, visit, and “like” us at


HONK! Fest West is a free, four-day, community supported music festival fair dedicated to bringing marching bands, samba lines, horn players, drum corps, and every manner of rhythmic and melodic noisemaker we could find right to the Seattle streets. These volunteer musicians will play unamplified and without fabricated stages, breaking down the barriers between the audience and performers and musically reconnecting with the Seattle community.


HONK! Fest West 2015’s mission is to celebrate community music in the public spaces of Seattle.


Like all HONK! festivals, HONK! Fest West is family friendly and always free to the public.

Additional details, events, and dates will be announced as we get closer. Please stay tuned to our Facebook, and blog for up-to-the minute news. We’ll also send out a few of these emails over the next few months, just to keep you in the loop without overwhelming your in-box.

HONK! Fest West is always family-friendly and always free, but only possible through continued community support. This year, we have Shunpike, a Seattle-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the arts, as our fiscal sponsor. Donations made to HONK! Fest West through Shunpike will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law and may be eligible for employer matching. Volunteers provide housing, transportation, and their time and energy for the festival. You can learn more at


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