2017 Bands

HONK! Fest West 2017 is pleased to present the following bands for our 10th year:



Jinta-la-Mvta — Tokyo, Japan*

Jinta-la-Mvta is a Tokyo-based band founded in 2004 by Ohkuma Wataru(clarinet) & Kogure Miwazow(chin-don drum,vo). With the Japanese street music chindon and jinta as its backbone, the band omnivorously cooks up street musics from around the world, from klezmer to Balkan music and original tunes. As one of the few Klezmer expert in Japan,they have been invited to several klezmer festivals, NY in 2015 ,and German,Canada 2016,where they got glowing tributes.


The Carnival Band — Vancouver, BC, Canada

 The Carnival Band is a community music project with ten years of history.Instrumentation for the band includes all range of brass, woodwinds, drums, percussion, accordions, and of course voice. Stage shows also allow us the opportunity to join our bass, guitar, fiddle, banjo, piano, and keyboard playing friends. Many of our favourite tunes are originals by band members. The remainder of our monstrous repertoire includes samba, calypso, swing, afrobeat, jazz, funk, disco, and traditional music from around the globe.




Dead Music Capital Band — Austin, TX

The Dead Music Capital Band is undying proof that the party doesn’t have to end just because life does. From originals, New Orleans-brass classics, heavy metal, show tunes, movie themes, to Chopin and beyond–it’s all fed through the DMCB brass band organ grinder to produce an outrageously macabre musical party.


Environmental Encroachment — Chicago, IL

Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses a mobile brass band, costumes, performance art and theatrics to create unique entertainment environments for any event. EE’s music fuses a horn section with marching and melodic percussion. Rhythms include ‘world’ beats and non-traditional American drumline. EE writes adn performs many original songs, and songs from other HONK bands.


The Fighting Instruments of Karma — Pacific NW

The FIKMCB/O has an incredibly broad, ever-expanding repertoire, with more and more originals being written for the ensemble, mostly by its incredibly talented members. In addition, They play Sousa marches, other classic 19th and early 20th century marches, a version of “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”, Cumbias, Beatles tunes, a Bollywood Wedding March, a Mexican waltz, and a growing number of original compositions including the Funk march “Get Bent” by Stephen Bent and the mysteriously awesome “March to the Casbah” by Dave Bender.


Guerrilla Fanfare — Northern Colorado, CO

The hottest brass band in the mountain states, Guerrilla Fanfare brings raw, rowdy, unadulterated, booty-shakin’ New Orleans style funk to the Northern Colorado area. From concert venues to parties to protests, our mission is to get you up and grooving to our relentlessly fiery and funky sound no matter the occasion.

Hough Youth Escola de Samba — Portland, OR*

The Hough Youth Escola de Samba brings the bombastic sounds of Brazilian drums and music to any event. Made up of twenty+ 4th and 5th graders from Hough Elementary School in Vancouver, WA, this group devotes itself to sharing the energy and the joy of Brazilian inspired music with the community at large through concerts, parades and special events. They dance. They sing. They parade. Most of all, they bring the groove. Call now to book them and turn your next event into something special!


Hubbub Club — Sebastopol, CA

The Hubbub Club includes over twenty volunteer musicians and second-line dancers who make music together in a funky, fun fashion to promote, uplift, and support our local communities. You can find us at local rallies, benefits, farmers markets, town parades, music venues, and just jamming in the street. Described as a cross between a New Orleans marching band and a Fellini movie, our music draws on the traditions of brass bands, street bands, and popular music from around the world.


Jefferson St. Parade Band — Bloomington, IN*

Weaving together many international influences, Jefferson St. Parade Band brings bombastic beats & brass to the people. A fully mobile party band, JSPB features an innovative drum line and a rich horn section. And their guitarist and bassist play through custom made Ghostbusters-style portable backpack amps. Their unique combination of virtuosic horn solos, polyrhythm, and face-melting bass and guitar work has the ability to get rockers, toddlers, and seniors up and dancing. 


LoveBomb Go-Go — Portland, OR

Clad in silver and white, LoveBomb Go-Go of Portland, Oregon: Intergalactic freaks on a mission to mend, with music, the divisions of civilization; seeking universal equality and striving, even, to re-establish purposefulness for each and every life.



Party Band — Lowell, MA*

The Party Band is a 20-something piece brass band from Lowell, MA. Equally at home inside concert venues, schools, music festivals, and community events, we will always bring booty shaking music and set off a party. Our musical style draws on inspirations from jazz, funk, the music of New Orleans, West Africa, and the streets of Planet Earth. With a heavy emphasis on playing our own original music, our ears are always searching for innovative ways to present ourselves.


Second Line Social Aid + Pleasure Society — Somerville, MA*

The Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band is a New Orleans-style street band, based in Somerville, Massachusetts. We combine music with social action, slamming out the sounds of the legendary Crescent City for peace rallies, street festivals, parades, and benefits. We are also part of the organizing force behind the HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands that takes place every October in Somerville’s Davis Square.


Samba Ja — Portland, OR

We specialize in playing wild, funky, infectious, and incredibly danceable street music from all over Brazil and the Americas, from the sounds of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro to original adaptations of old-school hip hop. Diverse, playful, and innovative, Samba Ja just celebrated its 14th birthday. We are a community based group.  We love to play, we love to dance.  Music is how we share our friendship and joy and give our appreciation to all the wonderful people that make Eugene so rad!


Puget Sound:


Artesian Rumble — Olympia, WA

Artesian Rumbles Arkestra works to contribute its portable and mostly unamplified energy to local and not-so-local social and economic justice events. Influenced by jazz, Balkan brass, Brazilian samba, traditional hymns, pop and classic rock tunes. Come dance and sing with Olympia’s only street band! And if you’re ever swinging through downtown Oly at 5pm on a Friday, grab your horn, drum or maracas and join us for a community weekly jam session by the kissing statue at the docks – all are welcome!


Bainbridge HS — Bainbridge Island, WA*

The Pride of Decatur County! We value every student and every parent that takes the time to contribute to the band. Our directors are Pascal Ward, Director of Bands; James Sewell, Assistant director and Director of middle school bands; and Sophia Boose, Hutto Middle School Director. We also have the help of Leigh Powell and Lori Brown as our dance line and color guard sponsors.


Banda Vagos — Seattle, WA

Banda Vagos is Seattle’s premiere and most beloved Banda. Featuring outstanding musicians of Mexican and American descent, we show that music truly has no boundaries. Hire the full band for your wedding, quinceañera, anniversary, or other celebration.



Chaotic Noise Marching Corps — Seattle, WA

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps is a Seattle based renegade marching band that is dedicated to keeping the tradition of music, performance, energy, havok, discipline and sheer stupid fun alive in Seattle’s streets.



Filthy FemCorps — Seattle, WA

We are a hot bag full of fierce badass women who aren’t afraid to be weird, genuine, raw, sweaty, confident, honest, loving and real. We are a feminist organization by definition, in that we are an organized activity in support of women’s interests. Filthy FemCorps’ mission is to foster a nurturing environment where all types of women are empowered to freely express their creative talents, push boundaries joyously, fiercely and unapologetically through high energy music and movement developing both as individuals and as a sisterhood of musical warriors.


Garfield HS Drumline — Seattle, WA

Garfield High School Marching Band is a 130+ student band with full brass and Drumline led by Tony Sodano of the Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder.




Garfield HS Marching Band — Seattle, WA

Garfield High School Marching Band is a 130+ student band with full brass and Drumline led by Tony Sodano of the Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder.




Give Back Brass Band — Seattle, WA*

The Give Back Brass Band, affectionately known as GB3, is based in Seattle and aims to create exceptional music that brings people together in community. We are mindful of how much music has provided for us and we intend to amplify our passion and appreciation for music as we spread joy to those who may have limited access to uplifting musical experiences.


Neon Brass Party — Seattle, WA

New brass band tearing up the streets of Seattle that is going to get you movin, groovin and shakin that brass.





One Love — Seattle, WA


Rise Up Action Band — Seattle, WA*


Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline — Seattle, WA

Seahawks Blue Thunder is the heartbeat of the fans. This high-energy entertainment drumline was established in 2004 at CenturyLink Field, performing throughout the stadium before, during and after games. Not your typical drumline, Blue Thunder uses a variety of rhythms and visuals, incorporating rock and roll drumming alongside drum corps style, endearing them to Seahawks fans of all ages. Blue Thunder is also available for parades, parties and corporate event appearances.


Sounders FC Soundwave Band — Seattle, WA

Sound Wave is the official band of the Seattle Sounders FC and is the brainchild of Sounders FC minority owner Drew Carey. The 53-person ensemble is made up of traditional marching percussion and brass instruments, bringing the Sounders FC passion to life. The Sound Wave plays custom arrangements from all types of music including Latin, funk, big band, pop and rock.


Ten Man Brass Band — Seattle, WA

Formed in Seattle in 2011, this energetic group of young musicians mix the genres of New Orleans Second Line, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Disco, and Electronica to create a dance party wherever they land. They are a regular feature at the Northwest Folklife Festival, Capitol Hill Block Party, and HONK! festivals throughout the nation.


The m9 — Seattle, WA

Founded in 2013, The m9 (pronounced The minor 9) draws inspiration from high-energy brass bands from across the globe to create a unique soundscape where East and West collide. The new global fusion sounds of the rich Balkan Romani brass tradition form the core of a repertoire which excites, invigorates, and inspires curiosity about one of Europe’s most misunderstood minorities.


VamoLá — Seattle, WA

VamoLá! is a Seattle-based Brazilian drum and dance ensemble that brings the spirit of Carnaval to life through vibrant parades and performances. Our main focus is on Rio-style samba, but we perform a variety of other music and dance styles from all over Brazil. Our name means, “Let’s go!” in Portuguese, and we do just that — we get people going!


Special Performances By:


HONK! All Stars


Queens of HONK!


*denotes first HONK! Fest West appearance