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Samba Já is Eugene’s own bateria – a thirty-member mobile percussion ensemble. They specialize in playing wild, funky, infectious, and incredibly danceable street music from all over Brazil and the Americas, from the sounds of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro to original adaptations of old-school hip hop. Diverse, playful, and […]

Band of the Day: Samba Ja

In Seattle, amid the waterlogged remnants of squandered old-growth forests, broken-down breweries, industrial warehouses, and labor union halls, a mobile fourteen-piece brass-punk band borrows performative style and Balkan/klezmer-influenced sounds from the greats of the Roma tradition, plunging into crowds and galvanizing joyous derangement in every time signature. Orkestar Zirkonium’s ten […]

Band of the Day: Orkestar Zirkonium