Our sponsors

It truly takes a village to make a HONK! festival, and we’d like to give a huge shout out to the organizations who helped make HONK! Fest West 2016 a reality (in no particular order):



We thank Shunpike, a Seattle 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports the arts, for operating as our fiscal agent.

HONK! Fest West is supported, in part, by grant awards from 4Culture, the Community Investments Fund of Tides Foundation, and the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs.

OAC_logoforweb3 4culture_color

HONK! Fest West is proud to have partnered with the Fremont Arts Council for our festival this year. Both organizations also fiscally sponsored the festival.


We thank the original HONK! festival—the mothership—which inspired our festival and has since seen other offspring arise in Austin, Detroit, Australia, Brazil and beyond!



In-kind sponsorship and fiscal support from community businesses is key to the success of our festival. This year, we are proud to partner with the following local businesses and receive their generous in-kind and fiscal support: Ignition Northwest and Zipcar, Honk! Fest West 2016’s Title Sponsor.

Zipcar - 2016 Title Sponsor

2016 Title Sponsor

Ignition Northwest

We’re grateful to the 12th Avenue Stewards, Cal Anderson Park Alliance, and Columbia City Business Association for welcoming us into their neighborhoods this year!

12th Ave Arts



HONK! festivals are a celebration of music in the streets, parks and neighborhoods. We also rely on donated green-room space for instrument storage and musician downtime, feeding, socializing and jamming. Thank you to Super Six, The Royal Room, Seattle Central College, Bike Works, and others. We are also thankful to the City of Seattle for allowing us to use the city’s parks and public streets.

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Special thanks to Ark Lodge Cinemas in Columbia City for hosting screenings of HONK!-related films this year, as well as the respective producers, directors, cast and crews of: Brasslands, Sousa on the Rez, A Trip to the Moon, and HONK! You Very Much.




It takes a lot of donated food and an amazing crew of hard-working volunteers to keep hungry musicians and volunteers well-fed throughout the festival. Thank you to Ballard Brothers, Columbia City Bakery, Curate Snacks, Hot Mama’s Pizza, Ian’s Pizza, Macrina Bakery, New Roots Organics, Starbucks Burien, Top Banana, Top Pot Donuts,

Ballard Brothers Logo ccb-logo Logo@2x msMhDgbu Top_Pot_Doughnuts_logo.svg




HONK! Fest West 2016 was volunteer organized, planned, staffed and performed. Our deepest HONK! thanks to the 400+ people who helped staff or performed at this year’s festival (and sometimes both!)



HONK! Fest West depends on the continued financial support of the community; thanks to our donors this past year!

Your HONK! Fest West 2017 Organizing Committee:


Mike*Antares – Chair
Shayleen Bowling – Treasurer
Tracy Camille – Secretarial Officer
David Carter – Compliance

Art + Design

Diego Alonso – Webmaster
Megan Collier – Art + Design Lead

Community Relations

Marchette DuBois – Community Outreach
David Carter – Grant Coordinator
K Love – Georgetown Liaison
Erik Peters – Community Outreach


Jeanette DuBois – Housing Lead
Joel Kenworthy – Volunteer Coordinator

Brian Firfer – Operations + Logistics
Grace Jones – Operations + Merch
Erik Peters – Operations

With special assistance from:
Liz Curry – Music Education + Outreach
Kim Arbios – Housing
Tyson Lynn – PR, Graphic Design
Lindsay Love – Art
Robert Treat – Placemaking

Want to get involved in making this amazing event happen? Great!
We are currently recruiting for: Food Lead; Sponsorships + Fundraising Lead; PR/Communications, Operations / Super-volunteer

We said farewell to a number of committee members this past year. Let there be no mistaking that without the service of these committee members, and the others who departed in prior years, HONK! Fest West would not be the festival it is today. We wish all of our colleagues the very best in the years to come:

Jason Fialkoff – Grants + Communication

Randel Ludwig – Food Co-Lead

Jay Nuske – Food Co-Lead


Many thanks to all of them, the organizers who came before them, and the countless volunteers and volunteer musicians who have helped HONK! in the streets, parks, and public spaces of Seattle for the past 9 years!


We are looking forward to HONK!ing with all of you in our 10th year!